Port Navy Service, your hardstand boatyard committed to the “Clean Port” initiative

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Being passionate about the sea, yachting & boating, you are acutely aware of the environment. Find out about the issues and challenges facing our industry, and about Port Navy Service’s commitment to sustainable development.

The initial assessment of environmental management by marinas

The pleasure craft fleet in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region represents nearly 30% of the entire fleet of recreational boats in France that visit natural sites or moor in marinas and other harbours. This activity obviously has consequences on the environment and on water quality, both in the marinas and in the surrounding areas. It was observed that toxic waste (batteries, sump oil, solvents) and other indirect pollution (runoff from hull scrubbing and antifouling removal, blasting and sanding, other wastewater, and rainwater) are sometimes allowed to be discharged directly into harbours and marinas. In view of this alarming state of affairs, Port Navy Service decided to adopt the common and recognised guidelines of the “Clean Port” initiative.

Ecology and clean port

With the Clean Port initiative, we are confirming our commitment to sustainable development!

In 2018, Port Navy Service committed to implementing a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy by setting out on a voluntary initiative to acquire European Clean Port Certification. This initiative shows our strong intention to make practical commitments for fighting to preserve aquatic environments and for achieving sustainable development of coastal and marine activities.

The Clean Port approach is the best solution for delivering management appropriate to these areas based on methods and tools that address the environmental issues and take up the environmental challenges. In particular, it requires us to have our practices inspected by an independent body, using guidelines setting out 17 criteria established at European level by Agreement CWA 16987 Certification Européenne Ports Propres (Clean Port Guidelines). This is why we have put the following commitments into practice :

Nature : hull cleaning and antifouling area fitted out to the latest environmental standards, and selective waste sorting.

Carbon emissions and innovation : A new 120-tonne travel lift equipped with a Tier 4 Volvo engine

Energy savings : 1,500 m2 of roof-mounted photovoltaic panels, and boatyard lighting with LED lamps.

Environmentally responsible : Because ecology is everyone’s business, we pass on information to sailors and boaters to limit our environmental impact (responsible waste management, and responsible consumption).