Store your motor boat under the best possible conditions

Port Navy Service has, for many years now, been offering solutions for storing motor boats from 7 to 25 metres ashore. The motor boats are blocked on metal cradles with wide pads (30 cm by 30 cm) or with a system of metal props. The cradles are adapted to accommodate the size, weight, and shape of the hull of your boat.

Drinking water and electricity are available at the terminals located along the aisles. Port Navy Service Wi-Fi is free of charge for users of the boatyard, and available from your boat. A ladder will be loaned to you free of charge while you are on site. Please return it when you leave your boat so that other sailors and boaters can take advantage of it too.

To preserve your motor boat as well as possible, here is some advice for winter lay-up

  • Rinse the salt off your fenders and mooring lines and put them away
  • Rinse the salt off your deck
  • Protect your removable equipment (horseshoe lifebuoy, outboard motor, etc.)
  • Winterize the engine(s) and close off each of the exhausts with an oily rag
  • Fill the diesel tanks to avoid condensation
  • Empty the water and hot-water tanks to prevent freezing
  • Disconnect your batteries, unless you have solar panels and a management system
  • Inside your boat, remember to leave all the doors open to facilitate circulation of air
  • Empty the fridge completely and leave the door open to avoid mould
  • Clean the toilets and water circuits with white vinegar and empty them completely
  • If possible, unplug and remove your electronics to avoid lightning damage
  • Do not leave your boat hooked up to the electricity terminals after you leave (high fire risk)