Dynamic development

Believers in teamwork, we are convinced that working together greatly enhances the result of individual action.

That is why Port Navy Service maintains partnerships with boat builders, associations, boat dealers, brokers, transporters, boat hire companies, boat repair professionals, skippers, insurance companies, boating and yachting experts, etc.

Port Navy Service is one of the most dynamic companies in the boating and yachting sector. Many projects have been completed over the last ten years and other, ambitious ones are in progress.

You have projects, or needs ?

Contact us to discuss them. We are sure to have advantageous solutions to propose to you for :

  • Renting premises and entering into commercial leases
  • Renting storage place for boats, in fleets or single units
  • Brokerage partnerships
  • Developing innovative projects
  • Handling monohulls and catamarans
  • Stepping and unstepping masts on sailing monohulls, catamarans and trimarans
  • Preparing boats for transport
  • Preparing new boats
  • Self-service hull cleaning and antifouling area

Active in the boating and yachting sector for over 30 years, we can bring you our expertise and know-how for setting up a sound partnership based on lasting collaboration.

Port Navy Service has the rare advantage of being the owner of all of its facilities on land. We can thus make sure your investments are sustainable.

Building on its success, Port Navy Service purchased 8.3 hectares of land at the beginning of 2019 on which to continue to develop its activities. This also gives trade professionals the possibility of taking advantage of this unique opportunity.

A total area of 22 hectares, including 15,000 square metres of shed space, an existing storage capacity for 900 boats from 8 m to 25 m, and 600 new spaces available.

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