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A perfect start to the cruising season

Launching a boat is a delicate and precise operation during which safety is a top priority. Having completed over 40 000 successful lifting operations in our 30 year history, we approach each operation with care.

Launch Day: A step-by-step Guide

  1. Prior to the arrivai of the lifting equipment, be sure to install 4 mooring lines, bow and stern, port and starboard, and to prepare your fenders.
  2. While your boat is suspended in the air, you have a unique opportunity to touch up otherwise inaccessible areas with antifouling paint. Be sure to prepare paint, brushes/rollers, trays, and relevant accessories (thinner, rags, additives).
  3. At this stage, our yard team will take over, and proceed with the launching operation. Should you choose to be present during the launch, please ensure that your crew members, children, and pets remain at a safe distance – safety is a team effort!
  4. Once your boat has been placed into the water, you are invited to board your yacht and move her to the visitors quay, to free the lifting dock for the next operation.

Launch day – some helpful hints

After making an appointment with us, and receiving confirmation of a date and time, it is important to carry out a series of checks before the lifting equipment arrives and the boat is launched.

Proper preparations for wintering or long-term storage are critical, and will ensure the reliability of your systems, and the safety of those on board, for the coming season.

Therefore, it is very important to carry out a series of detailed checks and maintenance of all critical systems, including but not limited to:


Batteries, inverter/charger, solar panels and controller, wind generator, navigation instruments, and correct functionality of all navigation lights.

Engine and Generator

Oil, coolant and filters, tensioning/replacing serpentine belts, impeller(s), opening the cooling water intake.


Through-hulls and seacocks (open/close as required), cutlass bearing/sail drive joints and manifold, thruster housings and power supply, anodes, correct rudder functionality, portlights and hatches closed.


Verify the functionality of both the running and standing rigging (including winches, pulleys, blocks, boom vang, etc.). Ensure the preparation of appropriate national, guest, and signal flags. ATTENTION· lt is forbidden to remove/release standing rigging without prior approval, and the support of a professional and crane equipment. Failure to take these precautions may result in serious injury
and/or property damage, and lega/ action against those responsible.

Fair Winds, and Following Seas

Prior to departure, please help us by ensuring that your former berthing space is tidy, ail trash disposed of, and ladders/rental equipment returned. Please also ensure that antifouling remnants from last-minute touch-ups are disposed of responsibly at the “Point Propre” Recycling Centre, located adjacent to the lifting docks. Clean oceans are a priority for us all.

Feel free to give us your feedback either in persan, or via telephone or email, and let us know how you felt about your stay. We strive to exceed your expectations, and need your feedback to help us improve. We hope to see you again soon!