A qualified team available to help and at your service

The entire team is mindful to ensure the services provided for our customers are of very high quality. Your satisfaction is our priority !

The experience and equipment to care for your boat

All of the crane drivers receive 12-months of in-house training before they are allowed to operate on their own. CACES safe driving proficiency certification accredits them to operate such equipment. They also receive “Clean Port” training so that Port Navy Service has been able to be certified as a “Clean Port”. No job is too small or too large for our staff, and for the associated service providers operating on site at Port Navy Service.

And above all, we and they are yachting and boating enthusiasts !

A welcoming and outgoing approach to ensure your satisfaction

From what we’ve seen on our own passsages, we know that a warm welcome and mutual assistance are qualities to look for. Therefore, we do everything we can to ensure the welcome we give you is the best possible. Moreover, we pay attention to your needs.

A management team open to your requirements

We are sure we can always do better, so customer feedback is essential for us. Thinking about how to constantly improve the quality of our services is at the heart of our concerns on a daily basis.

Brokerage with know-how

Because selling your boat is a delicate operation (major financial transaction, red tape, etc.), entrusting it to our Port Navy Service team is the way to make sure it goes well. Your broker will be your dedicated contact person throughout the sale of your boat.

The onsite marine engineering and support services : professionals at your service

35 people, who do their utmost to help and support you in maintaining and repairing your boat.

Put your trust in a team of experts with over 30 years of experience!

Boatyard services