The boatyard equipment : powerful and modern

With the Port Navy Service team, take advantage of powerful and modern resources for your boat, regardless of her type and of her dimensions. Enjoy sailing and boating under the best possible conditions.

A team of experts in the field of boat handling

One of the reasons our customers are attached to Port Navy Service is the quality of our launching and lift-out or haul-out services. With nearly 40,000 handling operations performed, we guarantee you the best possible safety conditions for your boat : including protective sheaths for the slings to preserve the hull of your boat, wide pads covered with very high-quality foam to avoid forces on the hull, and studying the structure of your boat to adapt the positioning of the cradles or other types of blocking depending on the type of boat.

Cutting-edge equipment

Our dynamic, efficient, and experienced team has a range of equipment and facilities available to performing various types of handling.

  • A 120-tonne travel lift
  • A 50-tonne travel lift
  • 15-tonne and 25-tonne trailers for monohulls and multihulls
  • A telescopic crane for masts of up to 40 metres tall
  • A lifting and launching dock that is 6.17 metres wide, and one that is 8.15 metres wide (from July 2020)
  • A slipway with a width of 10 metres and with an overall working passageway of 13 metres
  • A long visitors’ quay alongside which your boat can wait depending on your time of arrival
  • A draught of 8 metres



All our equipment is serviced regularly by certified professionals so as to ensure your boat is handled safely.

All of this equipment enables the team to perform the handling rapidly so you can enjoy sailing as quickly as possible.