The equipment

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The equipment and expertise to get the job done

At Port Navy Service, we continue to invest in the future. Our equipment and machinery are regularly updated in order to provide the best possible conditions for the dry berthing of your yacht.

Did you know?

We actively compile an internal database of hundreds of types of motor and sailing boats, detailing dimensions, lifting points, and structural particularities, to ensure impeccable handling and safety.

Discover what makes us the destination of choice for yacht storage in the Mediterranean

The feedback from our clients is consistent: what keeps them coming back is our attention to detail and careful consideration during lifting and launching operations. As sailors ourselves, we know that even the most seaworthy and steadfast yacht is out of her element on land, and requires the most delicate of care. With over 40 000 lifts completed in 30 years, our yard team is second to none. Experienced without being overconfident, we work with you at each stage to give your yacht the individual attention it deserves.

Our standard lifting procedure includes protective sheaths for crane straps to preserve your hull and mast, large support pads covered with high quality foam to distribute loads on the hull, and a quick survey to locate structural bulkheads, and ensure that cradles, chocks, and acrow-props are positioned in these reinforced areas.

We invite owners and captains to collaborate with us, and let us know how best to care for their yacht.

State-of-the-art equipment

Our dynamic, efficient and experienced team has a wide range of equipment and facilities to carry out ail types of lifting and launching operations.

  • Modern 50- and 120-tonne travel lifts
  • 15 and 25 tonne semi-submersible hydraulic lifts for catamarans and trimarans
  • A 13 metre-wide slipway reserved for catamaran and trimaran yachts
  • A telescopic crane for masts up to 40 metres
  • 2 separate lifting and launching docks (6.17 metres wide, and is 8.15 metres wide, respectively)
  • A spacious visitors’ quay for short stays pending lifting, or after launching
  • 8 metre quayside depth

All our equipment is regularly maintained by certified professionals to ensure the safe handling of your boat. Our reliable and modern equipment allows our team to carry out lifting and launching operations quickly and efficiently, ensuring you enjoy every moment of the boating season.