The storage area of the hardstand boatyard

Europe’s leading hardstand boatyard through its unique dry berthing capacity, come and take advantage of the facilities and services of Port Navy Service to store your boat completely safely and under the best possible conditions.

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The boatyard equipment : powerful and modern

With the Port Navy Service team, take advantage of powerful and modern resources for your boat, regardless of her type and of her dimensions. Enjoy sailing and boating under the best possible conditions.

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For your boat handling operations, choose the expertise of Port Navy Service

Regardless of the type of your boat (sailing boat, catamaran, motor boat or yacht, or trimaran), we have suitable equipment and experience to bring you the best launching and lift-out service. Depending on the type of your boat …



Our brokerage service for selling your

would like to sell your boat? We can do it for you! Port Navy Service offers a brokerage service to help you sell your boat more easily. Showing your boat on land enables many potential buyers …



Make use of an environmentally friendly cleaning & antifouling area

While you are cleaning and hosing down your boat, or scrubbing, scraping, or stripping the hull and applying antifouling paint, substances harmful to human health and to marine organisms are released.

The cleaning & antifouling area


For lifting out or hauling out your boat with complete safety

Lifting out or hauling out a boat is a controlled handling operation during which certain safety rules and conditions need to be complied with. How does a lift-out or a haul-out take place ?

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For launching your boat under the best possible conditions

Launching a boat is a controlled handling operation during which certain safety rules and conditions need to be complied with. How does a launch take place ?
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Would you like to eat on site ?

Port Navy Service has a very nice place on site for food and refreshments in a very pleasant setting.
Bar & Restaurant
Since 2010, the Yacht Club has been available to welcome you 7 days…

Bar & restaurant


Enjoy local sightseeing and tourist activities

Do you know the Camargue?
Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône is situated at the mouth of the great River Rhône. This makes the town a direct gateway to the protected natural region of the Camargue.

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